What do you think I should do when I don’t know what to say
Should I keep silent and wait, for the feeling to pass away
Should I make it up with pleasantries and top it up with a smile
Or should I confess to the listener that I just cant say a lie

Don’t know if it is you or me who need some time to heal
Coz Ive been where you are and I know how you feel
The skies here somehow resemble the true nature of your heart
It don’t know whether to pour, to drizzle, to stop or start

And we all believe that with time, we will see the change
That somewhere in the future, you will think your past was (strange?)
For the moment, my dear, Should you ask a helping hand
I might refuse for all you know coz im such a helpless man

Carry on, for right ahead is the future your makers designed
And im gonna hope they’re right, coz Love sometimes can be blind
So im gonna stop this silly, this ‘Im-reaching-nowhere’ rhyme
And pray hard to my creator to fast-forward this space and time.


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