Missionary with a Goatee

Im looking at the Mirror
My Goatie’s at its best
My Hair I’ve given the messy look
With my dryer and Set Wet

A glance at Mails unread
And friend requests till now
63 and counting
Im the Hero of this town

‘Hey – Praise the Lord Bro!’
The greetings all seems right
As long as I am wanted
Im the coolest Missionary in sight

And what was it God wanted
A Disciple – did He say?
And for being one, well would I
Have quite a price to pay?

He promised a Cross to carry
And that there would be burdens
Nowhere I see them around me
To me it makes just no sense

I play Guitar, I sing Songs
I’m quite a star in these parts
Im doing the work of Jesus
I bring Peace and Joy to Hearts

And then one fine day I met Him
The one I claimed I knew
He asked for my Pride and Music
To bid them all adieu

I reasoned, I fought, I pleaded
Why could He just not see
He said He did’nt want my ablilities
He was interested in ME

And so I looked around me
Renewal, yet so Pro-Hell
I had denied it with my lifestyle
By watering down the Gospel

Everything was meaningless
As the prophet rightfully told
What benefit did I get
If I traded for the World my soul

And so I broke my ‘Commitments’
A break to find my true Love
Came back tried and tested
Clothed with power from above

The goatie remains on my face
And so does Guitar and Keys
But WHY I did things did change
And who I tried to please

And now when Im on Facebook
And did the Action songs
I thought twice about the purpose
Would it bring glory to GOD.


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