Looking GOOD, Georgie!

Man from the very beginning of his existence have always tried to look good. From the mirror surface of the still pond near his cave dwelling to the fairness-enhancing animal fat, the early man probably did everything human and inhuman to increase the face-value. It is said that Cleopatra used to bathe in tubs of donkey milk and expensive aged wine.

Nothing’s different now. The array of products offered by the cosmetic and apparel market caters to the primal need of the earthlings – to look good.

Well – let’s say I am not really different.

Built 5 foot 4, and of the darker side of the medium complexion (which unhesitatingly goes two notches darker while in the desert sun), I have always tried to look better than I actually do – in vain, so. Except the Shah Rukh Khan endorsed ‘Fair and Handsome’ (for ego reasons only), I have contemplated trying almost everything else available at the grocery. And I admit the part-reason for this is to look visually compatible with a wife who looks much better than I.

Sheryl is fair by nature and the average Malayali has always attributed fairness to beauty. Even if it was not so, it is maybe her Stratocaster-like frame, fish like eyes or even her perfect set of teeth like how Solomon sings in Song of Songs. She has a natural waltz in her walk and with her sing-song conversation, woos everyone from infants to the aged. I do know she does not have much room in our wardrobe, but darn, almost everything looks good on her – even my old grey tees.

Let’s not even talk about the umpteen number of times the waiters have ignored my existence outrightly in the presence of my beautiful wife. My ignorance of the upper class of delicacies are a fact to this truth, but heavens, why? Am I invisible? And then I have always imagined the raised eyebrow of strangers when we introduce our marital bonds. Like – really? You-Married-to-her? look.
And I have tried. Tried to become the wallet wielding upper high class perfect built men wearing multi-pocketed three fourths and the soft colored polo’s. And the version I became into was more like the local fishermen who rolled up their pants at the FortKochi beach. I have tried my hand at getting the perfect haircut like those cool-Filipinos – only to find my head looking slightly better than a bathroom mop and getting my brains battered into near-pulp with which the Pakistani brethren call head massage.  Then there are instances when the watchmen at my building discrediting my credibility as a potential resident by not allowing me in, security at office directing me to the maintenance elevator, salesmen at malls giving me the ‘do-you-have-money-for that’ look.

And this morning I admitted to my wife that I did have this great fear that I probably look like her driver than the spouse. And then she gave the usual ‘hmm’ look and said something which made me think thus..

I had my fair share of girlfriends at school, had the brawns enough to work though the nights to support my family before I was 17, and despite the off white teeth, and occasional cock-eyes, have found enough favor in Sheryl’s eyes for her to say ‘I do’. Then there are the people who think I look like Stephen Devassy, Vineeth Srinivasan, and even Enrique Iglesias with my Goatee beard. Maybe if I grew my hair and beard I might even look like Jesus. I don’t think I am that bad after all.

In fact, really, I must be really blessed and highly favoured that I am what I am now – to be in HIS image and likeness, wonderfully and fearfully made. Am I not 🙂 🙂 🙂 ?


9 thoughts on “Looking GOOD, Georgie!

  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading your blog, makes for very interesting reading. I don’t know if you see Hindi films but the heroine in the one I saw recently , tells the hero who is trying to find his true identity, that the best thing about him, is that he is ‘perfectly average’. She also says that perhaps that’s what the world needs these days, we want people who are not extremists, we need people who are intelligent and a bit crazy, nice but can be naughty, if you get my drift..
    So, in a sense your blog speaks about being average and our search for perfection. Maybe, we should stop the elusive hunting after some mythical concept of perfection and rejoice that the Father has made us this way and that we are what we were meant to be.
    Congratulations, on writing something that is quite personal as well.
    On the constructive criticism, I must confess that the first paragraph needs a little tweaking to make it’perfectly average’.
    God bless and keep up the good work

    1. Dear Anu, Thank you so much for your comment. No, I do not watch Hindi movies mainly because I am do not understand Hindi very well. However, thats a beautiful thought you put across. Happy Valentines day & God bless you 🙂

  2. Aw!! Disappointment – don’t ‘generalise’ me with your other fans – I am your No. 1 :))
    Anyway – ‘showing no partiality’ is the default diplomatic response – you are already a celebrity in the making!! LOL!

    I have competition now – so i might not just write yet…..
    PS: I think you are right in saying ‘ Man’ from the very beginning instead of saying ‘men’ – there is exceptions to using the definite article….so I think you’re just fine 🙂

  3. Hey handsome ! Do you know or have you ever realized that you both compliment each other in looks, talents and nature really well. You are truly highly favored by God – or else you wouldn’t have found the perfect soul mate in each other. 🙂 That is a special blessing that only those who are truly highly favored by Him can have.

    On funnier notes, I loved that the second line in blog didn’t make any sense to me at all 🙂
    and also, you always have a smirk on your face – something like Bruce Willis! Cock-eyed! Well I am choosing not to comment on that 😛 😛

    Sorry this took so long to read – when are you doing to write one about your No. 1 die-hard fan? :p

    1. Thank you !! I’ve made a blanket rule to not write about individual fans for the sake of ensuring impartial treatment to all of them, should I become very very famous one day. 🙂 But surely, you should and you can be more critical so that I can become better at what I do..
      And of course, when are you starting your blog ?

  4. Yes you are- But i guess change is essential at a deeper level…who told us what a driver should look like or a loafer???? or this is what a hero should be like and that these looks fit a villain.???…..every man is a result of Gods unique tot and until u come to rest in this truth you will always continue to make someone else out of you and bound to look unsatisfactory!!!!! Beauty din have 2 be white or black … its my conviction that if beauty is a gift of God , is has to be something eternal……….tat simply tells me where it lies 🙂

    this is jus adage….Constructive criticism tat u asked for…
    :)- “Man from the very beginning of his existence have always tried to look good “should have read – Men from the very beginning of their existence have always tried to look good. ;)…But Kutti..I never there was so much to you…These are beautiful..Pls keep them coming…:) Love you and Jesus bless. Ammuma…

    1. Dearest Ammuma. Thanks for the comment – noted. The driver look reference is purely my twisted understanding which stands corrected now. Will correct the grammar. Do buy for yourself and your friends when I write a book. Buy one get one free.

      1. Oh this is Sheryl using husbands funky phone. Well all I can say is that I love this man a Lil more each day and though handsome man that he is …there is way more that I see in boogz my love my husband and rib donor 😉

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