A Father’s embrace

I was digging for some Mr Big videos this afternoon. Sheryl had gone out for getting our photos framed and Pio was sleeping in the bedroom. Colorado Bulldog, Green tinted sixties mind. When I reached Wild World I sensed Pio’s breathing pattern change and I knew he would wake up any moment. I ran for the bedroom when he cried. He was already up sitting crosslegged looking very scared and lost, trembling to keep balance. His eyes had welled up with tears and his face wrinkled with the folds of the bedsheets. And he looked just like how he was when he was born. Like an old man, trembling, pitiful, shakey and lost.

Paternal instinct haΔ‘ him close to my bosom in an instant and I felt his heartbeats slow down. I held Him in my embrace, the apple of my eye, my baby.

He sleeps now carefree and secure and I cannot but think about my heavenly father who ran to me to gather me in His arns when I woke up from my bad dreams, scared and trembling. How beautiful it is to hear his beating heart.

Not very far from now I will become old and I will become as a child once more. And I will then wait for my father to take me to his bosom where i will rest carefree and contented. Where else can i bΓ« more safe? I know its a Wild World out there.


6 thoughts on “A Father’s embrace

  1. Keep Writing and making days lovely πŸ˜€ !!

    Especially moments that tend to be taken for granted…. !!

    God Bless

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