#8 The love for a girl

Sheryl and I

Beginnings are somethings which i cannot bring
Though when words are bubbling forth
Like how a river starts from a spring
Well up there hidden beneath the rocks

This love for a girl i cannot conceal
A desperate man that i have become
Even when she remains a silent appeal
To the one from whom all love came from

Pretty girl, denies and shrugs off my claims
This beauty that exceedeth the beholder’s eye
All my dialogues I have exchanged in vain
For a smooth change of subject, denial or sigh.

Saviour of Ravens with broken wings
Sets me flying upon the clouds
Praying mantises, spiders and crawly things
Proud benefactors of her boundless love

She’s a drifting feather, a flare from a gun
A box of wonders that I hav’nt earned
Goes stealing the glory from the afternoon sun
And calls herself a cookie burnt

And when the tears roll down her cheeks
The summer turns to June monsoon
Raindrops running through willows and creeks
Glistening in the shimmer of the moon

I wish you enough, my lovely one
Even the wishes that just won’t rhyme
And when all my wishing for you is done
I will wish that one day you’l be mine

(Written for Sheryl sometime in June 2007)


7 thoughts on “#8 The love for a girl

  1. It always happens during my exam times, I read a lot of stuff in a year…must be those tiring and boring technical books i have to cram for my exams….
    Forgive me… i know its exam time…but i cant stop going thru lovely written words…

    Its just Beautiful 🙂 !!

    God bless u and ur lovely expanding family 😀

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