the Guide

Come with me to the places unknown
These quaint old towns where I have grown
Hold my hand, I’ll show you around
And not for a moment I’ll leave you alone
Somewhere between the trees my footprints lie
Unmoved unaware of the passers by
Like these leaves that cover the earth beneath
I had buried these roads and these skies
Before I found you I thought to myself
I could manage to make it without any help
With music from the tapes I heard till it wore
And the dusty yellowed pages from my bookshelf
These are the walls that held my home
Memories remain like they’re etched in stone
Somewhere along the way I burnt them down
Till I bared it all for you to be shown
Let’s make me a cairn so the world will know
Paint it white with the droppings of the crows
Inscribe it with your name and mine
Deep into it till our fingers are sore
Man I am, but in you I will abide
I will lay down my music, my words and my pride
Just keep your fingers entwined in mine
Following you around, even though I’m the Guide.

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