Run Joseph Run

So is it true that a young guy can stay holy and pure
How many of us out there can believe and say for sure
No matter how we’ve tried, we just can’t seem to stay
From falling into temptations that come unfailingly our way
Suppose this grace we talk about is not really enough
Suppose this race we run is just too harsh and tough
But don’t we always want to blame the fall on someone else
When the reason most times we sin is really our own self.
Well my friend it’s time we gave up our trust is our own will
Coz the devil is a roaring lion and he’ll destroy and he’ll kill
Even if you’re a worship leader, a preacher or a star
You’re just another man seduced by the wife of Potiphar
Run Joseph Run, Run Joseph Run,
Don’t fall into the lust, You must run if you must
Run Joseph Run
Run Joseph Run, Run Joseph Run,
Don’t bother looking back, lest you fall on your track
Run Joseph Run

One thought on “Run Joseph Run

  1. Nice one…. =)
    The best thing about Joseph was that he was one man who did not let his circumstances in life or his family heritage to stop him from doing the right thing. When the easier thing would have been to walk with the flow of events, he chose to differ..

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