The curse of being Jack

There is this place that I've been in my dreams
Of smoke machines and glitter and the spotlight beams
Where I stood shoulder to shoulder with the stars in the sky
Where I just stood like a man drunken with new wine
And the music I made I really could'nt tell
Whether it was mine or made by someone else
It was so good, so was the company and the laud
But did it for sure have the center of it in God?
And did it come true? - nay, it was only my insanity
It was too good to be true, or too bad to be given clarity
Either way it left my impaired eyes in such a daze
And a throbbing pain in my heart I really couldnt place
O how close I came to this place yesterday
A miniscule more and it would've been an answered prayer
Your vision Father, truly is so much better than mine
But for now will you allow me to wait my turn in this imaginary line?
Or maybe not, maybe You can undo the instances
That leads me to beleive that I still have the chances
Uh, See, now Im smiling, because at the end of the day
Father I know You know, my need might not be my prayer.



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