Should Mini Schmidt start a Blog?

Such a beautiful day in our lives. And what was so special about it, you might ask? Nothing! 🙂 That’s also why it was so special!

For a while now, my mind has been repeatedly reciting this particular phrase “Even God rested on the seventh day” and yet again, “Even God rested on the seventh day”. The past couple of weeks have been really hectic for everyone I know, so it’s nothing dedicatedly special for Sherwell or me.

If anything, we may be nice enough to say, that we have been sleeping, eating and well in good health, so we shouldn’t be complaining.

Knowing well that this thought has been crossing my mind, over and over and yet over again- well pointedly so- my Lord just gives us an ENTIRE day- all to ourselves.

No practises, nothing to prepare for, no meetings. Just the day and us 🙂

And so I go about like a little girl prancing about sweeping, cleaning, wiping and finally cooking as well 🙂 (Sherwell does his bit of catching up on work, and some finance settling for LEAD). Haa pure bliss to live like normal people having a normal weekend 🙂 Lord you’re beautiful indeed, and you show ur beauty to me in different ways. Today I saw your beauty in this day you gave us, and I thank you for this little heart you have given- one that is so full of gratitude for all the days that we get time to do nothing (like this one day) and for the many many days that we get time to do something or somethings. All for your glory Lord, Amen!

(Published without permission from Original Author – Mini Schmidt)

Mini is a singer-homemaker and lovely wife of my good friend and Guitarist Sherwell Schmidt who has been active-passively putting away the idea of starting a blog citing inappropriate alignment of stars. We all think its about time, Do you?


5 thoughts on “Should Mini Schmidt start a Blog?

  1. How wonderful! I humbly realize that being her stellar mentor, I have sucessfully sparked some creative endeavours in my lovely and one-and only sister. Perhaps the ‘master blogger’ has inspired a love of literature in her as well – so some credit does go to the sui generis George Benny. Oh well! 😛 😛

    All exaggerations apart, I love you all. Keep going yo drummer – and may you be an instrument of extraordinary inspiration to many – in your words and actions, and more so, by your love of Christ.
    God bless.

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