The Labour of Love: Catholic Music Ministry

This is a Blog series under Category: Best Practices Sharing from a Kattan Chaya-obsessed Catholic Music Ministry.

Funny I should start from the least Musical of a Music Ministry, nevertheless, the most energy-consuming and strenuous activity any ministry could undergo – Transporting, setting up, and dismantling Music and Sound Equipments.

Being in an acoustically inclined band, we are the stewards of a zillion pieces of Musical gear, ranging from the little Korg Pandora for the Bass to the 20 Inch Bass Drum. Managing these have not been an easy task, and never would have been, if not for the surely wisdom and strength given by the Holy Spirit and some big-hearted friends of the Ministry.

A typical Prayer-Meeting for us calls for a whole Drum Kit down right to the Chimes, Two Keyboards, Two Guitars, a Bass, and of course the PA System (a Powered Mixer and two boxes), not to mention the cables that connects everything together. And if not enough, the Venue is on the top of a 50-step flight of Stairs.  Having taking a resolution to have practices at different venues every week – so as to be fair to those  coming from different parts of the City, we end up taking the gear with us from one end of the City to another every weekend. How do we do it?

Here’s how.

  • We split the responsibility of the instruments between everyone in the Ministry – down right to nitty-gritty detail. For example:
Bibin      : Bass Drum, Practice Speaker
Mark     : Snare, Cymbals, 2nd Tom
Sony      : Keyboards, 1st Tom, Floor Tom and Cable Box .. so on and so forth..      

In this way, soon after any gig or meeting, we carry back home the gear assigned to us. Making life simpler, storage easier and efforts even – for all of us.

  • We are friendly with the Security Guards at the Church Gate. I mean, to be genuinely friendly is Christian, to know them by name and to talk to them. Result: We get exclusive access to drive the Car with the instruments right upto the base of the stairs leading upto the hall we conduct meetings in.
  • Imagine the Drummer’s plight if each one had to carry and set up his own gear. To serve God is to serve one another. Everyone, and I mean not only the Music Ministry, but also those attending the meeting helps in setting up the Kit – that takes the most time, and understandably, the most interesting. Even the youngest among the lot – Maria, knows each part of the Drum Kit by name. There is even a running joke amongst the gang that the auditon to the Music Ministry should be first and foremost – a display of skill and dexterity at winding cables. 🙂
  • Then there are the little tiny details that help in going a long way – installing wheels on the Drum Hardware Case, having lightweight cases for the Guitars, a hand-baggage trolley for the Cables etc.

Paul talks in the letters about being the Body of Christ. We have seen the sheer joy of living out the Body of Christ. Despite all the practices listed above, there are times when one member ends up working more than the others. But the sheer joy we talk about is all about knowing that even carrying a heavy speaker upstairs or just screwing down the high-hats contributes in big way– in building the Kingdom and giving Glory to God.

May God do to your talents what He did to the 5 Loaves and 2 Fish!



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