Once upon a muddy September

These days have been strange, did you happen to notice
They have been strangely twisted, and somewhat grotesque
Even the weather’s kind of confused; in some freakin’ daze
One moment it’s all windy and the next it’s all a blaze

Like how now and then we come up with declarations
Of love for our demons and concern for the nations
These days have been strange, even the birds think they are
When was the last time you saw a crow. a falcon or a lark

These days don’t need water for plants, they just super-grow
I’m not joking, Look around you at all the overnight heroes
One moment you think you have the power to take on the world
The next you’re back in bed without a least of any concern

These days even the feel-goods – they deserve to be burnt
And the news feed of the perennially happy are better submerged
Maybe being insomniac is the catalyst – I would never know,
But then sleep is not something you just can buy from a store

Then when you know you want to spend time with your maker
But waste it all toying with the strings that hold your nature
These days are just slowly killing everybody from the inside,
Why don’t we all just breathe deep, drop dead and die

Or maybe its only me, maybe its my alter-ego, maybe not
But again, who was it that said – words are all that I got
Impossible as it may seem, these days will have to just pass
Maybe I’l just ride on hoping that the shore holds greener grass.


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