The way of the Mutes

Oh the inexplicable joy!
Of not looking through a lens
but to just experience
The beauty of existence

Those great things in your life!
Extraordinary things you partook
filling your life every cranny, nook
That you don’t post on Facebook

That secret victory!
when no one seems to note
That well received line or quote
is from the blog you wrote

The love that still remains!
When romance has long dissolved
When there’s no money involved
When her name blinks as she calls

The twinkle in your eyes!
When there’s no grant, no wish
In empty pockets ravish
The friendships you cherish

The peace we will beget!
On cold and lonely pews
When words and prayers are few
Its just the altar and you

And at the very end.
In these things you will see
will make us all complete
Into the men we ought to be



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