Notes from the belly of a Whale

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I wrote while the zombies sat, stood and napped
About this city, about God and His sons
What happens on Earth while she crazily spun

And Inside my head were the singers and bands
Outside the zombies swayed and acted and danced
Hither and tither they stepped out and in
The gentle blue creature oblivious to din

I wrote even with my purpose defeated
I rewrote anew when my pages got deleted
About lust, about pain, and about the world views
About my own grit and the wayfarer’s blues

Some of the words became known with a name
They gave me respite and some ill managed fame
And I thought in my head ‘boy this could be it’
And day-dreamed a time of my unwritten hits

All of this while the creature it silently sped
Through the skyscraper streets and warm wilderness
Gentle and kind she rolled and she rocked
And talked in a man’s voice when she was to stop

But I was no spokesman no I was a loner
But I escaped the plan and I called myself Jonah
The words that came out they tore open my veil
These notes from the belly of a grey and blue whale

Now I have almost become one with the steel
Now these zombie faces appear so surreal,
And now I know that it’s worth to be on these rails
For these notes I have got from the belly of the whale.


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