A being without existence
A soul without a name
A mother’s pain created me
And lo! into the world I came

Between the gasps and blood
Onto the wild wild world
Born in that magic moment
Safely in her arm I curled

From infancy into childhood
I walked in only her path
Two souls lost in so much love
And the time seemed so so fast

She laughed my joy for me
She cried away my tears
My mother, she held me close
and kissed away the tears

Come, said the world by then
Seduced me slowly away
My mother said lovingly, son,
Don’t venture too far away

My money I spent, my conscience I sold
I saw the ocean of lives
Saw the love of my mother
Pierced by a thousand knives

Hate I did on sentiments
Sought love from all others
Sky was blue and the ground solid
And I forgot about my mother

Love became redefined by then
And new desires were born
The unconditional love of my mother
Upon it, I did scorn

Lost myself in the city
Became alone in the sinful maze
Looked at the mirror everyday
And forgot my own face

I became all her prayer
And I became all hope
Once the boy of a loving mother
Into booze and smoke and dope

By then time had me finished
My soul became the weariest
Reached up for my mother’s hand
And fell upon her breast

I lie down now, safe at home
Weary and I look above
Into your eyes, the world I find
And an endless river of mother’s love.

(This Poem was written in 2002)


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