Act 1

Walking down the road
What is this I see
the bleeding face of suffering
and misery

I see the young and old
The naked and the cold
Ruthless nameless faceless
Corpses manifold

O the suffering it
Really makes no sense
If this is your plan God
What is your defense

What happened to your love
What happened to your grace
What about the people
Who gave it all in faith.

Act 2

Take a look at us
Look at what we’ve done
the lives that we have lost and
the wars that we have won

Our brothers we betrayed
The prices we have paid
Consequence of the
Choices we have made

We trampled on the weak
And those who have no voice
The children we have made
The victims of our choice

What happened to our love
to our humanity
What if this injustice
Was because of me?

Act 3

Walking down the road
This is what I see
The will of God imperfect
in making my will free

I feel the melting snow
I see the children grow
Aching Smiling healing
I know there is hope

For every life that’s gone
Life is being born
The darkest part of night
Is the brink of dawn

For God is so in love
He gave His only son
That we may have the life
And life in abundance

Credits to SHERYL MARIAN JOHN as well.


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