The Faithful Doubter

You deserve to be more than a doubt
A faceless friend I could live without
More than the plot of an old folklore
You deserve to be more real than the you that I know

More than the book that sits on my shelf
Dried up tears now covered by dust instead
The Shards of questions embedded in faith
You deserve to be real as my feelings of hate

I wont be sorry if I needed to ask
You to put off the everyman everywoman mask
Nothings more important than needing to know
That you’re real as the Sky and the Sea and the Snow

You deserve to be more than the Altar and Bread
You deserve to be in the flesh and blood instead
Make it easier for me to beleive
Walk with me like with Adam and Eve

And when its about time I don’t wanna die
Not knowing your existence I so long denied
Could you not just be so kind as to help
I want to know like I know myself

Or would it be such that I would still deny
I would still take your words to be a big lie
Claim that you are nothing but a figment of my mind
What would happen if If just did’nt believe my eyes

So what then should I do with these doubts
Would it be better to have them than to live without
This Hope and this Faith and this trust I have
My Cross, my reward, my grace and impasse.

Mitch Dobrowner_Vapor Cloud


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