Between the screen and the fingertips An unholy beast is on the prowl Waiting for that opportune moment When no one is around We sign our will to destruction To the sunken place of death and doom Rejecting the pleas of guardian angels We slip into our dark room Blackened by guilt and shame Our […]

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Fleeting world of Fantasy Escape Routes from Reality Misquoted love and Charity Have we faltered We fit in and occupy Designer rules and alibis What does all this signify We’ve all Faltered Obligatory Profanity Our God sized Celebrities Everything is vanity Break away my friend  

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The Joy of Washing Dishes

Few household Chores have had such a profound impact on me such as washing Dishes. I am a husband, father to 3 and the resident of a one bedroom shack of an apartment in an otherwise glitzy and glamorous City. Accountant and Musician, Blogger and avid reader, but as fate would have it, my passion […]

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A being without existence A soul without a name A mother’s pain created me And lo! into the world I came Between the gasps and blood Onto the wild wild world Born in that magic moment Safely in her arm I curled From infancy into childhood I walked in only her path Two souls lost […]

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Hey pagan don’t! you’re doing it wrong This ain’t no way to worship the Lord Here look at me now how I raise my hands My voice rising in incomprehensible rant No no way did I hear you swear You’re headed to hell for the lack of prayer Here see these devotions around my neck […]

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Thanking God to kill time

2.30am No amount of Reading or Surfing or Lounging can bring me to sleep. Some nights are like this, just like a thousand nights before. And this long spell of writer’s block is not helping either. So I just stare here at the blinking cursor, beckoning the grey matter to spew some much needed creativity. […]

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