The View from the Stage

I won’t lie. Being on stage is fun. Between the mangled cables and instruments, lights and confetti, there is a tangible electric atmosphere on stage that emancipates raw energy. Each song in a concert is an undeniable expose of talent and musicmanship. Towards the end when the smoke has gone down, people want to meet […]

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Created to worship You

So many questions unanswered So many mysteries to unravel Opinions too many, but quite contrary I know the thing that really matters   They say we need reformation This is the age of information Excuse me please, they call me Jesus-Freak But I know what I need to know, yeah!   I was created to […]

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Who’s on your side

A stone and sling is all it takes to kill a roaring giant Some clay and spit is all you need to give a blind man sight A jawbone can be all you need to kill a mighty army Two legs to walk on the waves of the sea that is so stormy   Two […]

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This one’s a short summary of Masterplan (the JY Music Ministry) I put together for Marky our drummer to organize Chirstmas Caroling contracts at hotels and clubs in Dubai – needed the money to buy some good sound equipment for the group. WARNING: Blatant trumpet blowing, apologies 🙂  Defining MasterPlan is going to be tough without first defining […]

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