Man Up

Have you noticed how the world perceives a man The standards it lays down in how it understands The ways and characteristics of masculinity And how they shove it down on you and me Isn’t it funny how we ascribe the Testosterone to the beard and the ab and the smell of cologne How strength […]

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The Faithful Doubter

You deserve to be more than a doubt A faceless friend I could live without More than the plot of an old folklore You deserve to be more real than the you that I know More than the book that sits on my shelf Dried up tears now covered by dust instead The Shards of […]

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Act 1 Walking down the road What is this I see the bleeding face of suffering and misery I see the young and old The naked and the cold Ruthless nameless faceless Corpses manifold O the suffering it Really makes no sense If this is your plan God What is your defense What happened to […]

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The way of the Mutes

Oh the inexplicable joy! Of not looking through a lens but to just experience The beauty of existence Those great things in your life! Extraordinary things you partook filling your life every cranny, nook That you don’t post on Facebook That secret victory! when no one seems to note That well received line or quote […]

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Once upon a muddy September

These days have been strange, did you happen to notice They have been strangely twisted, and somewhat grotesque Even the weather’s kind of confused; in some freakin’ daze One moment it’s all windy and the next it’s all a blaze Like how now and then we come up with declarations Of love for our demons […]

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Look outside the window will you Dont be stuck in your little room The clouds outside are beckoning you The leaves and the trees and the anthills too Make a wish as you step out Make a tune and sing it out loud Skip and hop, open up the child In your mind, now let […]

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